3 reasons Why BRILLIANT Fitness Coaches FAIL to make at least $30k/month

Here are 3 reasons why BRILLIANT fitness coaches FAIL to make at least $30k/month with their bootcamp, facility or studios…

[Number 2 is worth thousands…]
#1: Your Ego is Running The Show

You’re doing all the jobs – from marketing to sales, from coaching to content, to admin.

Your ego is telling you to spend time doing things that you are not good at, nor will you likely ever be good at.

Your only role is to focus on the 5% of tasks that you can do most profitably for the business – and outsource the rest.

For most expert-business owners, the most profitable tasks YOU can be doing are:

– Creating & enrolling your team into a bigger vision
– Overall strategy & direction setting
– Evaluating reports & finances weekly
– Content creation & product ideas
– Being a local brand-ambassador, connect with partners, public speaking

#2: You Were Never Taught ‘Return On Assets’ (ROA)

Ever wondered how even though you get more and more clients, there’s STILL no profit remaining at the end of the month?

There’s plenty of talk about getting a return on your ad spend, sure (ROAS)

But every real business owner is more concerned with Return on Assets.

You have a few key assets in your facility that MUST be designed to gain maximimum profitability.

– Asset 1: Your space: before you start filling your space with clients, make sure its set up for maximum profitability

You know what you’re paying to lease every square foot of your gym. But do you know how much you MAKE for every square foot of it?

Have as many clients as possible, safe and affective in that space to leverage more profits.

Use Expert Authority positioning to charge higher prices for that space.

And use non-workout space to generate more profits by putting merchandise shelves or other means of making revenue there.

– Asset 2: Your timeslots

You have a limited number of group timeslots to put clients into each day.

Most gym owners will have 3-4 peak times each day, and maybe 2-3 off peak times.

Have you set up your session timetable to take advantage of that and ensure that the peak times are able to turn the most profit?

– Asset 3: Your TEAM

Many coaches lose money when they hire a team. That’s because they never knew how to extract maximum performance and profit from those people.

But when you put the right person in the right place, doing the right tasks, suddenly more money is made.

We covered this with YOU in the first point above: if you’re spending your time doing tasks that could be outsourced for $10 to someone else (like ‘checking email’), then you could be making a lot more money for the company.

The same effect is multiplied if you have a team.

Get them doing what they are most ‘in flow’ at doing, and watch every member of the team become more profitable.

#3: You’re Trying to “Replace a Job”… Instead of “Building a Movement”

There’s a clear energetic difference in the clients inside my Mastermind that succeed at growing multiple facilities, and taking over their towns… compared to the fit pros I struggling on Facebook month on month…

That difference comes because my clients have created a vision and a burning desire to create something that transforms people’s lives, as well as their own.

They don’t make content so they can ‘get leads’.
They make content because they want people to hear their message.

They don’t have sales ‘resistance’ because they aren’t pitching.

They’re prescribing and genuinely want the best for the prospect.

They don’t say “I’m no good with numbers!” because they take RESPONSIBILITY and accept that they’ve chosen to be a BUSINESS OWNER and so they HAVE to know their numbers.

They take responsibility for their mindset and their actions.

They understand that being a ‘freelancer with a hustle’ is not the goal

Being a business owner & investor in assets IS.


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