How to Consistently Generate Dozens of Gym Leads Every Week WITHOUT The “Hustle”

Are you trapped in the “hustle & grind” of chasing leads all day?

Spending hours chasing up people, only to be told they “Don’t have the money“, or they’re “Just looking for information“?

Not knowing where the next client will come from…

And dropping your prices when talking to a prospect because you’re so afraid of losing the sale?

That used to be me.

I knew I was the best trainer around… but the market didn’t see it.

I thought getting more certifications would prove my worth. It didn’t.

I thought slashing my fees would help… instead it attracted non-committed clients.

Without a consistent source of leads coming into my gym, the feeling of financial uncertainty grew larger and larger.

Then it affected other parts of my business.

Because I was spending so much time hunting down prospects… my actual clients were suffering. I didn’t have time to be a fitness professional because I was too busy trying to be some ‘internet marketer’.

I tried it all:

Writing the ebooks,

Making Youtube videos,

Posting tips on Facebook,

Going to networking events,

Yet no matter what I did…

No more than a handful of leads would show up every month. My business could NOT survive the next quarter with such a dry pipeline.

Then I Came Across a New System To Generate Leads

That’s when I stumbled upon the solution. A system that turned everything around – and even led me to creating multiple successful fitness businesses.

A mentor of mine taught me the value of offering a “Front-End System” to attract new prospects.

A system that would eliminate the biggest objections of time & money… while getting the most qualified prospects who would become long-term, high paying clients.

A system that would automate the process of generating leads… so I gained hours of my life back.

And a system that would be irresistible to the market, while offering them awesome value.

Implementing this system gave me a solid, predictable and steadily-growing recurring revenue each month.

And it allowed me to END the ‘hustle & grind’ trap forever.

Deceptively Simple…

I turned my back on the complicated ‘marketing funnels’ being pushed on me.

I didn’t want hours of tech set up.

I just wanted something simple, that made great returns, and that gave value to my audience.

This delivered on all accounts.

The solution is very simple, and has just 3 working parts.

#1. You create a “Front-End Offer” to attract prospects.

A short-term program that gives them a ‘test-drive’ of what you do and converts at least 40% into your back-end long-term programs.

These programs are usually just 14-28 days, and get a brilliant first result for the client.

Its also long enough to build new habits, making it very difficult for the person to then quit …

#2. You qualify the leads most ready to invest.

Using a fully automated system that is easily set up in 30 minutes. This system requires prospects to demonstrate their willingness to invest to you.

This also positions you as the expert authority who chooses who they work with.

#3: Fuel interested people into this funnel using Facebook ads.

Most trainers burn money on Facebook, because they don’t know the correct way to use them.

However, when you combine the Front-End Offer (FEO), with a strong application system, and send leads on autopilot all day through Facebook, you get a machine that grows your business non-stop.

This process is surprisingly simple, but don’t let that fool you of its effectiveness.

I’ve been using this same set up every single day since 2012 to generate a consistent, reliable, systematic flow of leads & grow my fitness business.

Here’s an overview (pinch to enlarge):

Here’s how it works: 

First, the Facebook ad sends interested prospects to the registration page.

The prospect gets all the information about the offer. When they decide they want to do it, they’ll give you their details on the registration page.

They’ll be taken through an application process that indicates to you their level of ‘buying temperature’, so you can focus your time on those most ready to invest.

The whole process this far is completely automated and works evergreen 24/7.

The final step is to speak with the prospects who’ve asked you to be part of the program, and process their payment.

We call this the “Enrolment System”, and there are 3 ways we’ve done it with most success:

Invite the applicant to a 1-1 meeting or phone call…

invite them to a group presentation

or invite them to begin the program on a trial, before taking the payment.

We mostly do the first – close the Front End Offer sale through a phone call 1-1.

However we’ve also had amazing success using the other options too. Every fitness business is slightly different and I recommend you research which method will be most profitable for you.

Thats it.

Ads send people to register for the offer. 

The registrants apply for a spot. 

The applicants are enrolled, usually through a 1-1 or group presentation. 

Here’s why I love this process so much:

  • You don’t need any special ‘sales skills’ – the prospects close themselves within 15-20 minutes on the phone


  • The prospects have already qualified themselves to you, and told you why they want to be involved.


  • The system once set up the first time, continues to run on autopilot for months, even years


  • The whole system can be set up in under 1 hourwithout expensive website / funnel developers


  • You can easily charge anywhere from £49 – £197 per person to do a front-end program


  • Its easily trackable & you can immediately quantify your ROI 


  • On average, 40-60% of Front End program clients convert into back-end, long-term clients


  • You save hundreds of hours each month on chasing prospects & no longer slash your fees

If you’d like a lead-generation system like this plugged into your fitness business, then

Here’s Some Great News…

We’re about to take a group of just 10 fitness business owners and implement all of this with them, side by side.

If you’re one of the 10 selected, you’ll have your own Front End Offer & Facebook ads campaigns designed, set up and actively getting you leads – within 28 days.

In fact, not only do we help you create the right offer, funnel and ads for your business & budget…

…but we’ll show you how to set up all the components & pages literally in under an hour, LIVE on a walkthrough livestream together.

If that sounds interesting to you…

Here’s What To Do Next:

I’ve posted a short description of how this works & the schedule of the 28-day program here.

Go here to read it.

Assuming you’re ready to handle an extra 5-10+ leads per day, you’ll want to move to the next step quickly.

But This Isn’t For Everyone.

First, we’re unable to offer this 28-day intensive to just any fitness trainer.

There are some criteria you’ll need to meet – the most important being that you’re actually able to get results for your clients, and you’re not selling any weird gimmicks or potions.

Second, this is a very time sensitive offer… for a reason.

We only accept 10 trainers onto this program each month.

That’s because of the amount of personal time & attention we put into mentoring each student to get the offer and ads right for their specific business.

This is no “cookie cutter” solution.

The 10 places are granted upon successful application & a quick call with our program director to ensure you have all your questions answered before we start.

So if you found this article helpful and you’d like to build a lead-generation system that gives you a consistent & predictable stream of new clients each month, go here.

We’ve set aside some time to review your application & chat to you on the phone before starting, to make sure we can design a fully customizable Front End Offer campaign for you… using the exact methods I described in this article.

If that sounds like something that could help you, go here before the 10 spots are taken this month.




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