[The Economic Advantage - and why you don’t have it yet…]

Quantum fitness business growth comes from SMALL shifts in perspective.

Here’s just one example:

Most fitpros are taught that the goal of a front end offer (like a “6-week challenge” is to make profit upfront.

Its not.

In fact, if your game plan is to make money on the FEO, you’re going to chase your tail & forever get burned out.

The goal isn’t to generate profit on the FEO sales.

The FEO is designed to attract people through the door — at break-even or *even at a loss if your company can afford it* — in order to demonstrate our value and ascend a significant percentage of those FEO attendees into long-term, back-end clients worth thousands in Lifetime Value.

In the same vein, your solopreneur Ads Manager whose never run a real business often tells you the goal of the ads is to get the lowest cost per lead.

It is NOT.

My primary intent for lead-generation has always been to pay the MOST for a lead — and still make a profit.

Why would I do that?

Because whoever can afford the most to acquire the client wins the market.

So while other gyms and bootcamps in our area flee from the storm of ever-increasing FB ad costs…

We look the storm dead in the eye and charge into it.

If you can’t afford to invest £50 to make a £100 front end sale, you’re screwed.

If you can invest £100 to make a £100 sale, you’re doing better.

But when you can afford to invest £200 to make a £100 front end sale (and still generate profit from the client within a few days)… you’re onto a winner.

Its called creating the “Economic Advantage”

And the EA is the ONLY sustainable advantage you can ever create in your local town or market.

Fitpros on our business mentorship know all about this. We teach them in-depth, inside our online course, in their home study program and also at the regular private LIVE meet up events we hold each year.

Those fitpros are quietly creating their Economic Advantage every day. And they’re playing a WHOLE NEW game of business that their local competitors have never seen.

Ironically, us and our clients only actually pay about £20–30 to acquire a client… but our businesses are PREPPED to be able to pay 3X, or even 5X more if and when we need to. So our businesses’ lead gen is sustainable, whereas other gyms can only stay in the FB ad game IF they keep getting their leads dirt cheap — which is NOT going to happen in the next 18–36 months.

That’s why left and right other fitness businesses are closing down… and we’re absorbing the growth.

Recruiting their trainers…

Nurturing in their clients…

Buying up their equipment (and soon their leases) for cheap…

There’s a shift coming in the industry. Industries tend to evolve in 5–7 year cycles.

And we’re dead on the heels of the next turn. What is that evolution? Wel, I’ve been sharing that with our mentees for the last 2 years. And everything I’ve predicted is happening.

Its time for you to start taking control and see 10 paces ahead.

Its time to STOP relying on ‘internet marketing’ experts (who sell $47 ebooks) to tell you what to do.

If you want real mentoring on how to structure the most profitable business model and long-term strategy for freedom, impact and wealth, then lets chat.

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