The Ultimate Guide to Reach £10k/Month With Your Fitness Bootcamp or Studio

If you run a fitness bootcamp or studio and want to:

  • Become the go-to authority in your town,
  • Enrol enough clients to make £10/month,
  • And put systems in place to take more time off

…this will be the most important content you read all week. But first,

Tell Me Honestly, Does This Sound Familiar…

  • Do you struggle to make consistent income (even though you’re hustling all day)?
  • You’re unsure how to package & price your services in a unique way that makes you stand out
  • Having a sustainable flow of qualified, ideal prospects would change your life – BUT nobody knows who you are, your ads budget is limited, and you have no idea how to compete for attention with the ‘big players’ in your area?

The reality is, more and more fitpros are setting up in your area. More units and ‘transformation centers’ going up. Even big commercial gyms are trying to offer bootcamps and team training now.

Your market are becoming more sceptical & jaded every single day.

There’s too much ‘noise’ out there.

As a result, many trainers are finding it increasingly hard to gain the trust of their market and enrol high-paying clients.

I’m about to walk you through the 6-step ‘Blueprint’ I’ve used – over and over – to create multiple 6-figure fitness businesses from the ground up. This system is proven to work all around the world, and I have fitpro clients doing the same every single month, following this method.

It’s critical for any expert to understand this 6-step formula.

Introducing The 6-Figure Fitness Blueprint: 6 Steps to a £10k/Month Recurring Income In 90 Days or Less

When you apply every step – in sequence – you’ll start attracting more followers, leads and high-paying clients, like a magnet. Not only that but you’ll be leveraging your time, and using systems to create more freedom.

Step 1: Profile Your Best Prospects (And Find Out Exactly Where They Are)

If nobody is responding to your offers, your ads or your content, its likely because you haven’t dialled in exactly who you target yet.

The fastest way to penetrate a market is to focus all your energy and resources on one type of client

Fitpros tell me, “But I also have 20% men clients so shouldn’t I attract them too?”

No, you should not. And that’s because if men account for 20% of your revenue, why would you give them 50% of your attention, time, ad spend and resources?

For now, to get momentum – stay FOCUSED. You can branch out into other markets later.

Or ignore this advice, whatever. Its your money and your life you’re toying with, after all.

When you lock down a specific who – then you’ll immediately know where they are.

For example, if my target is “Jane, a 36-year old mum of two kids (both under 9 years)” then I can immediately find out:

  • which school her kids go to (so there’ll be MORE “Janes” there
  • where she works
  • where she gets her hair and nails done
  • where else she shops etc.

This makes my content more specific and usable, and I can easily put it in front of them. Only once you’ve done this step, can you move to step number two…

Step 2: Create a Signature-Branded Service – That’s Irresistible To Your Ideal Prospects

Have you ever been confused about what to offer in your packages?

How much to charge?

And how do you make sure your prospects choose you over the competition?

Most coaches & experts struggle to sell programs, even though they have life-transforming results for the clients.

Take the following steps to get the right positioning, packaging and pricing for your service:

1) Positioning (How its perceived)

Create a RESULTS-driven package – don’t sell ‘sessions’ or ‘blocks’.

Sell the OUTCOME and results your clients will achieve when they follow the advice. For instant, we don’t sell “12- month memberships” at our facilities…. instead we offer a “1 Year Lifestyle Transformation” package.

This applies to ANY package – even a trial. There is no “7 day free trial”… yet we DO offer a “7-Day Metabolic Kickstart”
See the difference? Same product, but with far more attractive positioning.

2) Packaging (What you include)

Don’t bother with 1-1 personal training. Your clients can get just as good results in a semi-private session of 3 or 4 clients to one coach.

Plus you’ll get 3-4X earnings per hour worked. This is KEY to getting to 10k months in the shortest time possible (without burning out)

I stopped doing 1-1 PT 9 years ago, and switched to small (and then large) groups. This gives you most leverage to earn more and and work with more clients.

3) Pricing (What you charge)

Fitpros mess up their finances by charging the wrong amount for their service.

There are two things you need to do to land on the right pricing: First, add up the REAL value of what you offer… and second, understand your COSTS of delivering the service before deciding on a price.

Don’t only charge for sessions. Instead, offer more value to your clients.

Do you have a nutritional support element?

An exclusive Facebook group or Whatsapp thread for clients?

Do you offer mindset sessions on top?

Or home-based content they can use around workouts?

Recipe guides?

Add in as much value in addition to the coaching sessions as you can. Now calculate the total VALUE of all these components as a ‘bundle’ if they were to be sold separately.

This isn’t what you’re going to charge… its just the actual VALUE of what the client is getting.

This number will likely be around £200-300 per month in actual value.

Next, estimate or calculate your COSTS of doing business. How much might it costs you in advertising to convert ONE client? Then how much does it cost you to serve that client?

Make a rough guess if you don’t know for sure.

Finally, to get your actual price, you need to charge in a range that is MORE THAN the costs of getting & serving the client… and LESS THAN the total “Value” of the package.

This way, YOU are making a profit, and the CLIENT is getting a bargain.
Now you have your signature offer thats specific and attractive to your target market…

…its time to start building your flow of prospects.

STEP 3: Create a Front End Offer (“FEO”) to Attract People Through The Door

A low barrier offer is a short-term program that gives prospects a feel for the results & experience they can expect with you. So they can make an informed decision to continue doing business with you.

The FEO also overcomes the two big objections of committing time and / or money. Selling 6 and 12 month packages off the bat won’t work with most prospects.

The same way you wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first day, its best to get a ‘trial’ of the experience first! (then they’re more likely to say “yes” later!)

Are you posting on multiple social media accounts, writing non-stop content, and ‘hustling’ every day to bring prospects to your website?

Here are some guidelines about your Front End Offer:

  1. It only needs to give the minimal effective dose to help the client decide to continue
  2. An FEO NEVER EVER needs to be longer than 6 weeks duration (yes, I’m saying your 8- and 12- week programs are redundant, UNLESS you’re in a highly specialized field like transformation competition prep)
  3. The smaller your groups the less time you need to get results & build relationships. The larger your groups the more weeks you may need to “touch” everyone enough times.

The problem here is that most coaches spend 90% of their time on marFor most of you, a 21-day to a 6-week FEO will work best to cover these bases. If you’re doing SPT lean more closer to 21 days… if you do large group bootcamps (20+ people in one session) lean more toward 4-6 week programs / challenges.

Why is that a problem?

To work with me 1-1 and create your Front End Offer (and your FB ads funnel step by step – go here:

I’ve helped numerous fitpros get their ads finally working and making sales within days.

STEP 4: Build an AUTOMATED Application System to Qualify Prospects

So now you’re building an exponential list of interested prospects every single day.

Before we can go out there and promote, we need to protect our time and work only with the prospects most ready-to-buy.

We do this using an application system or ‘funnel’.

This funnel must do 3 things:

  1. Allow prospects to enter their name / email and be added to our database system
  2. Give the prospect an application form that qualifies if they are a good fit or not
  3. Deploys an automated FOLLOW UP sequence to the prospects who have not yet completed the form

STEP 5: Generate Leads to This Funnel

Once the previous 4 steps are in place, you’ll have a functioning, and highly automated application funnel that attracts, captures and nurtures leads, so you can later call them and close over the phone (that part is coming up next!).

Your next step is to send traffic into the start of that application funnel.

It’s likely you’ve experienced somebody trying to ‘hard-sell’ you on something. You’ve been to a sleazy car-dealer.

Which means putting your epic, useful expert content in front of as many targeted people as possible.

And the amazing news is, with the tools & technology we have at our fingertips today we can show your content to literally hundreds of thousands of ideal prospects – within hours.

That’s not an exaggeration: the technology we have today allows us to locate, and specifically target people most interested in our content, all around your town or city

Let me walk you through the three types of traffic generation you can start using today:

Traffic Source #1: Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is where you distribute your content manually to get more viewers.There are three main platforms for organic content distribution:

  1. Social media platforms – such as your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube accounts. Optimize these pages so they lead back to your Front End Offer. Post daily on social media and also include call to actions that take the prospect back to the application funnel, and / or chat to you one-on-one
  2. Local Forums – There are local forums or Facebook groups you can share your content and link back to your Front End Offer
  3. SEO – You can also boost how many people see your content using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is another form of organic distribution.

Getting organic traffic doesn’t cost as much financially, but the downside is it can take a lot of time to do it yourself.

You should be doing this for about an hour per day, on top of the other 2 forms of lead generation, which are actually more superior…

Traffic Source #2: Endorsed Traffic

Endorsed traffic comes when another influencer or platform shares your content.This could include guest radio or media interviews, or guest posts on somebody else’s blog or social media account.

Getting featured on local TV, radio or magazines as a featured publisher also goes a long way to establish trust with you as the local expert.

Again, make sure you’re leading the viewers back to your FEO funnel so you turn them into leads.Endorsed traffic is usually quite warm because the people trust the recommendation of the person that referred you.

However the downside is that this form of traffic isn’t scalable, and requires more ‘hustling’ on your part to secure deals continuously.

Traffic Source #3: Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is when you invest in a platform to show your content to a list of targeted prospects.

This is the most automated, time-saving, and scalable of all traffic sources.

Ultimately, you can use organic and endorsed traffic methods to protect your budget, but real growth will happen much quicker when you pay for your own traffic.

Paying for your own traffic also gives you more control over your advertising.

Oh, and don’t worry about the cost.

Using Facebook ads you’ll be able send people into your funnel for an insanely cheap price, relative to what you can make back from the client. This kind of reach – for such a low cost- has never been available in history.

I urge you to take full advantage of this to rapidly gain more followers and customers.

STEP 6: Close Clients & Maximize LTV

Now you have leads and application forms coming in consistently, all that’s left to do is close them into paying clients.

BUT…Most coaches dread the thought of selling.I can see why:It’s likely you’ve experienced somebody trying to ‘hard-sell’ you on something. You’ve been to a sleazy car-dealer.

You’ve been on the receiving end of a pushy salesman, who didn’t care about you – but only about extracting the money from your wallet.

But a bad experience of sales doesn’t mean it’s all bad. We have to sell.There is a way for us to sell our services, that is ethical, friendly, not pushy, and actually makes the prospect feel understood and cared for.

In fact, the word sales actually comes from the Latin, “To Serve“.So selling – in its purest form – is serving.

When you adopt that mindset, then the only reasons you’d feel bad about asking for money would be because you don’t believe in the power of your services.And here’s a big secret to success in this industry:


Of course, your products and services aren’t perfect – and they never will be. There’s always new things for us to learn to help our clients, and ways we can improve the experience we give.

But you must believe that your services and products – your expertise – right now is powerful and able to change the lives of the clients who follow it.

Without that core confidence you’ll never attract prospects. You’ll never convert prospects to customers. And you will have robbed that person of the opportunity to transform their life for good.

Its important that a prospect invest in themselves if they want to see the best results. You believe that for yourself, so you must have the decency to believe it for your prospects also.

With that little ‘sales mindset’ bit out of the way, let’s talk about how to practically do this…

Use the information the prospect already provided on their application form, to steer the conversation.

The form would have asked them their biggest challenges and pains… what goals they desire… and why they feel they haven’t been able to achieve those goals on their own up until now…

The prospect needs to see the reality of their situation and the true consequences of not resolving this problem.

Then, listen out for what PARTS of your service they believe the most need. Is it knowing how to exercise or what to eat? OR, are they more concerned with having accountability and a support group?

Listen to how THEY want to transform, and emphasise the value of THAT element when you offer the sale.

There’s a lot more to sales of course, and this is ALL covered (inside the 4-Week Lead Generation mentorship for fitpros (I even give you my sales script to use on the phone – which we use to get a 60%+ call-to-conversion rate).

Click HERE to work together to do ALL OF THIS at a super low investment.

The final part of Step 6 is Maximizing LifeTimeValue.

This is the total amount – on average – you make from each client you work with. This number is critical for you to begin measuring, as it reflects the real success of your service model.

I calculate LTV by first getting the “Baseline” value – which is
Amount £ client pays each month X number of months they remain a client.

If your average client pays £100 per month, and average retention rate is 6 months, you have a baseline LTV of £600.

This alone tells you that you can likely afford far more than you thought to acquire that client.

Then, the more you can INCREASE this average LTV, the more profit you’ll make, and the more you can afford to invest in advertising.

We increase LTV by optimizing the following:

  1. Increase RETENTION value – boost results & experience to help clients stay longer
  2. Increase UPSELL value – offer additional services & products for clients to buy
  3. Increase REFERRAL value – increase the odds that each client refers one more person – this literally DOUBLES your LTV!

Working on these 6 steps – and nothing else – is what will take your fitness business to £10k/month revenue in under 60-90 days from now.

Your Next Steps…

When you implement these steps you have a functioning, sustainable business model that can scale into 6, 7 or even 8 figures and beyond.

The best part is that because most of the heavy-lifting work – the marketing and sales – is now automated (or very time-leveraged) you also have the free time & mobility to enjoy your life, be with your family, and serve your clients to the highest level.

You’ll be making more impact, leading with more influence, and generating more income.

What Would Happen If You Implemented The 6-Step Blueprint – This Month?

Would you like to find out?

If this methodology of growing your business & helping more clients makes sense to you, I’d like to give you an invitation.

I have a private Mentorship program that personally coaches you through this entire business building process – from A to Z.

Not only do you get personal coaching, one-on-one so you know exactly what to do… but you’ll ALSO have access to my private mastermind where my entire team are waiting to assist you every step of the way. My Facebook ads managers, my copywriters, funnel builders… all there to answer your questions and give constructive feedback on your ads, content and funnels.

The Mentorship program is by application only. Find out all about it, who its for, and what you get at THIS PAGE. 

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