This Method Attracts FLOODS of Local Gym Leads – Without Facebook Ads

Simple method gets you floods of new gym leads… WITHOUT paying for ads. 

^^ Turn up the VOLUME!
I’ve used this strategy to get hundreds of leads AND position our coaches as the “go-to” expert of our area, and it works FAST.
Here’s how easy this is:
✅ Step #1: Order a few hundred custom made plastic gift cards
✅ Step #2: Visit a couple of local schools (or somewhere your target market are), and tell them you’re making a donation.
I say something like,
Our gym has a mission of improving health & fitness in the town and we believe it starts with parents. That’s why we want to donate £4000 of services to this school” ⬅ that’s 200 X £20 cards as an example
✅ Step #3: let the parents redeem the cards to get a free trial of your bootcamp or semi private program
✅ Step #4: WOW the leads with your results and close 50% or more into long term clients on direct debit
✅ Step #5: Try the same thing with 3 or 4 other schools, as well as karate classes, dance schools, coffee shops, and anywhere your target client is!
P.S. we love FB ads too, and use them to grow our offline AND online fitness coaching businesses… however it’s best to get involved in your community and create MULTIPLE lead sources so your business grows consistently and predictably
P.P.S drop a comment below if you’re gonna do this, and if you have follow up questions I can help you with

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