Why Most Coaches Box Themselves Into a Job

Most coaches box themselves into a job because their mindset leads them to build a business ‘from the front’.

This means they put one brick down, then decide the next, then decide the next.

They *think* they’re going to come out with a magical building that works and functions perfectly.

Then, the reality hits one day.

They didn’t build a business.

They built a wall. Around themselves.

Trapping them in a job.

This often happens because of a combination of things:

1. Lower cost advertising which makes them trigger happy to get leads without a long-term plan

2. Undercharging their services

What then happens is you’re left with a rapidly growing roster of clients… but you haven’t charged enough to leave any profits.

Which means you’re getting busier… yet you STILL can’t afford to hire another coach.

When you focus ONLY on revenue this is the trap you fall into.

Instead, do this:

> Focus on PROFITABILITY, infrastructure and sustainability from the start…

> Create a crystal clear image of what your business will make in terms of revenue and profit when its at the level you want it to be

> Reverse engineer your steps from that Vision, by creating an Org Chart that shows not only how much revenue will be made… but what the company will LOOK and FUNCTION like at that level.

What and who are the cogs that will keep that machine churning out the input?

A little bit of forward projection, and holding a Vision goes a long way.

And I know, the trend these days is to just ‘wing it’… ‘listen to intuition’… and that DOES have a place.

But when you balance your intuition with logic and planning (we were given a left-brain hemisphere for a reason after all), then the results come more swiftly and easily.

McDonalds, Apple, Starbucks and Nike weren’t built by ‘winging it’.

The founders of those companies all had CLEAR VISIONS of what those businesses would look, function and feel like.

They were INSPIRED by the destination… yet used their logic and on-the-fly intuition to make decisions in the process of getting there.

Tony Robbins puts it another way when he says, “Be firm in your destination, but flexible in your journey there”.

Here’s to balance, and long term success for you.


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