Why My Mentorship Programs Are Always In “Beta” Mode

An important lesson in implementation and “shipping to market” as Seth Godin would say.

Today we added yet another value feature for our Mastermind clientele. We’ve built a number of “accountability hubs” to engage with our growing client list in smaller more intimate mini-masterminds.

Someone asked me, “You keep developing new ideas to help us implement … when will this Mastermind product be ‘complete’?”

And that’s the trick.

It never will.

I got sick of the standard practice of the coaching industry to spend a few days making videos and a couple of PDFs, putting it in Wishlist member and calling it a “course” (with a $2997 price tag!)

Instead I do things differently.

We have the ‘never ending product’.

The Mastermind to us is a living, organic, dynamic experience that invites our clients to be our innovation partners.

We’re always surveying, having conversations and monitoring client behaviors and needs.

And we adapt the features of the program accordingly.

Just in the past year alone, our clients have gained:

▶️ Two immersion events added – 4-days each (at no extra investment)

▶️ Home study packs and binders sent to them to have an offline component

▶️ A custom USB stick sent with recordings of 8 high-level sessions from my last luxury retreat

▶️ An Accountability Support Coach assigned to them

▶️ and 2 new iterations of the course syllabus

So here’s where I see a lot of coaches go wrong…

They want to know the “best” type of course.

“They ask: “What’s the one thing I can make, shove in a drip-fed platform and automate in 10 days?”

And that’s the issue.

If you’re not passionate about continually refining and creating newer, better, faster, more fun ways of helping your clients succeed… you won’t last long in this industry.

I make sure to spend a 5:1 ratio of time invested into my clients vs prospects.

So you can bet that for every bit of content you see here, or in my free group… my clients are getting something 5X more valuable for their business and life.

Make sure you spend more time with your paying clients than you do “hustling” for people who are on the fence!


Share this with a fit pro who needs more clients!

(but make sure they’re more than 10 miles outside YOUR area 😉 )

And if you want my help STEP BY STEP through all of this…

With my templates, tools and QnA at each point…

And you want help with

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– Growing and leading a loyal motivated team
– Dominating your local area as the Expert Authority brand
– Offline marketing strategies
– Public speaking and how to sell from the stage

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Plus, we meet up twice a year live in person (In London and Europe) to work together on your business.

And its way more affordable than you’re probably thinking.

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